Update from Pere Jean-Juste: Haiti and Health


Father Gérard Jean-Juste

March 2006

Greetings My Dear Sisters and Brothers:

       I am very happy that the people of Haiti overcame all the many obstacles and elected a new government.  That was my prayer.  The two years of illegal de facto government and their supporters have been rejected.  Now it is time for the international community, especially the US, France and Canada, to respect us and never again interfere with our democracy. There should be no more coup d'états. Give Haiti a chance to be stable and be developed so it can meet basic needs to the people.

        It is time for the release of all political prisoners.  Though I will be in the hospital I will never stop working and praying for the release of all the other political prisoners in Haiti and around the world.   To my friends I say, with your help I passed through a little crack in the freedom door, but we have to have it wide open for the other political prisoners! This is a new day for solidarity. This is a new day for justice.  I would like that we put pressure on and allow them to be free. The sooner the better.

       For me, this week is a decisive one. I now face the chemo treatment. I am hospitalized Monday. I rely on the prayers of every friend.

      The Doctor saw me Wednesday and thought I am in good shape for the treatment. They say I have chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The doctor asked me to choose between the week of the 6th or the week of 13th of March to start my treatment. I chose the one that will bring me faster to Haiti.

      I have been in and out of the hospital.  Doctors worked on my pneumonia and did surgery on my neck. The weeks of tests and in and out of the hospital flow by quickly.  I welcome people whenever I can. My friends keep me busy with visits, writing, caring for St. Clare's, calling and meeting the media and different communities

     From the prison world to the hospital one, it's quite a difference. I'll go through all these stages of life if pleasing to God. As it is part of my mission, may God's will be done. I rely on His strength to carry on and on the support and prayers of His family.

       Saint Clare's is functioning well. Services as usual. I send them an e-mail every week for the Sunday masses. The food program is progressing five days a week thanks to the What If Foundation.  The children are doing marvelously. Each group carries its duties. A burnt child and her mother are with me in Miami. She will have a surgery in Boston next August. They were in Boston but it was too cold for them.

     The carnival time went out smoothly in Haiti. The stories about how Katrina hit Louisiana touch me so deeply. It was a monstrous disaster. I keep my fingers crossed for the people in N.O. Take courage!

      Thanks again to all the sisters and brothers everywhere across the world who prayed and worked to free me from jail.  Never forget all who are still there, in Haiti and in countries across the world.

      Pray, my sisters and brothers! Peace and love to you all!


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