Initial Reports on elections in Haiti: Elektyon an Gate, the elections are ruined!!!

Below is the initial report on today's Haiti elections directly from people on the streets of Port-au-Prince, right this hour, courtesy of the Ezili Danto Witness Project:

QUESTION: How are the elections going?

ANSWER- Ezili Danto journalist in from the streets of Haiti:

"There´s no place for the people to vote. They´ve gone to vote and the voting places are not there – popilatyon an, yo pa gen kote. It´s bedlam in the streets of Port au Prince, Gonaive and even in Jacmel, people trying to vote have died.  People have died in running to get to in line. Some have suffocate, been trampled under foot. There´s a large police, swat team presence in Port-au-Prince, police are shooting tear gas and arresting people trying to vote and the population is frustrated. Tensions are running hight, the people have registered to vote but there are no polling places where they can vote.

ELEKTYON AN GATE!!!! The election is ruined! It cannot be legitimate…but the people are still trying to vote. Where they are sending the people in Site Soley, is a like a pig park where the people can´t even stand in the area, it stinks. There are goat droppings there, all over the ground. But all over Port-au-Prince people are trying to vote. There must be about 50,000 people in the streets, and they are not finding the places to vote….’


This is the initial reports from the streets of Haiti.

Translated from Kreyol by the Ezili Danto Witness Project, Feb. 7, 2006 at  12:18 pm


Sham Elections followed by What, Politique De Doublure? by Marguerite Laurent for Haitian Perspectives, Feb. 7, 2006

"Fraud anticipated in order to compel a second round.."

" We are counting heavily on the Americans not to let someone loyal to Aristide be elected just two years after his ouster" - AHP, Feb. 6, 2006

Onè e respè la sosyete,

The recent Miami Herald article, by Joe Mozingo, entitled "Election's approach turns concern into quiet optimism" and copied below, pretty much outlines the new spin for muting the voices of the masses, even in the very unlikely case  the result of these selections are allowed to go to Rene Preval.

The plan, then, is to make sure there is "a president whose party does not control the parliament and the parliament will not have a president,'' Boulos said." (See "Election's approach turns concern into quiet optimism:
Haitians prepare to vote Tuesday for the first time since the ouster of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide sent the nation into a state of near anarchy" by Joe Mozingo Miami Herald )

Be assured, based on what we know about Haiti Democracy Project, IRI, Boulos and the neo-cons, compromise is not what they stand for. If that were the case, as the NYT article "Democracy Undone" show, these neocons would have negotiated a solution with Aristide and Haiti would not have suffered a coup d'etat, over 10,000 Haitians would not now be dead, countless in prison and in exile and the instability, insecurity, chaos, kidnapping, drug dealing worse than ever in Haitian history. Thus, it would be foolish to believe now that those who want total power, by hook or by crook, and have committed mass murder for it, would now work, as Boulos says in this Miami Herald article, so that the "... capacity of the president elected to compromise and bring two or three parties in the parliament in a government of national unity will be the key of success.'' (See, "Democracy Undone: Mixed Signals.... ) Puhhhleeeze!!!

Don't buy it. HLLN has never bought the idea that elections alone, not to mention elections-under-occupation or run by foreigners and an unconstitutional regime will solve Haiti's social and economic disparities. Moreover, the sewage of the coup d'etat will seep into these selections even if the ballot counting reflects the actual votes of the majority of the people casting votes in February 7th, 2006's high-tech, less-polling-places-than-2000, exclusionary elections in Haiti. Fact is, Boulos has just outlined the next obstruction that Haiti's powerfully-Washington-connected Middle Eastern Haitian minority can take even if the Timothy Carney/USAID/US State Department allows a (perceived) Lavalas candidate to take office in Haiti.

A few days ago, as I read the posted Miami Herald "optimism" article, knowing this corporate newspaper's penchant at putting a good face to the UN failures, Latortue's failures and, in general, the corporate media's penchant for spins, halftruths and for spewing out the State Department's and Middle Eastern Haitian's propaganda, ahh..I thought, the attempt to establish politique de doublure has a history. It goes way back to the beginning of our Haitian history (even as early as with Christophe and Pétion).

The point is when the un-electable Mulatto (the paradigm now transformed to not, mulatto/black, but the poor masses against the un-electable middle eastern Haitians) can't win through free and fair elections they customarily and routinely attempt to put up a Black as mere figurehead.

(I use "Black" here, not in US racial terms, but Dessaline's "lovers of liberty" term - that is theoretically to mean a Haitian representative who has a mass base and would be expected to push for the elevation of the poor with government sponsored social and economic programs, not work solely in the interests of Category One, the US/Euro imperialist. See, Radio Interview with Marguerite Laurent on Haitian History and meaning of Jan. 1st and "Black" in Haitian history: ; or, "Another Independence Day under occupation" by Marguerite Laurent, SFBayview: ) .

The current application of the doubluture idea, as articulated by Haiti Chamber of Commerce chairman and Haiti Democracy Project's Reginald Boulos, would be to allow a Rene Preval, who has a mass base and constituency to be a figurehead, an administrator, while real power is wielded by the neocon-chosen Prime Minister (head of the Legislature) working in the interests of said Haitian minorities and their foreign IRI/USAID/CIDA/European Union-sort of foreign backers.

Presently, now that it appears that 9,000 foreign troops working, as proxies for the Bush Administration and their Haitian sweatshop/neocon agents, may not be successful at indefinitely maintaining, by force, or even by rigged elections the reign of Group 184/Haiti Democracy Project/Bush-McCain-Noreiga Regime-change, today Boulos, Boulos, (a Haiti Democracy Project/Group 184 founder/creator), is desperately, according to the Miami Herald quote noted above, reaching to try establish politique de doublure (politics by understudies). Under this system, a "Black" leader would serve as figurehead for mulatto/middle eastern/US imperialist elitist rule.

Ase! Enough already.

It's time for the efforts at muting the voice of the masses to STOP. Enough of the blood of Haiti's poor has been spilled. There's been enough impasse overall. It is way past time for these Middle Eastern Haitian folks to understand we live in a new age, the poor's children won't allow either for rule-by-force, or for polique de doublure to be successful in this new age and begin the dialogue towards establishing mutual co-existence within the various sectors making up the Haitian family.

Listen up: Christophe may have failed after Dessaline's death to unite our Haitian family. But we, in this generation won't fail, will not be content to be exotic backdrops for tourists enjoying our land and resources, or to take figurehead roles, or accept dependency and patriarchy, as doled out, by the socially and historically define "white peoples" (on either the Left or Right sides of the world's political spectrum) and their Haitian sycophants.

Our task, the task of decent Haitians of this generation, is to begin bringing into application the 1804 feat of the African ancestors - which means Haitians extending from source and requires we begin by redefining our relationship with the imperialists (or, if you prefer, by redefining our relationship with the white saviors, from both the right and left spectrum of the political divide) and through institutionalizing the rule of law in Haiti, so that all Haitians, irrespective of color, gender, class, ethnicity, religion or national origin, shall be afforded equal rights and opportunities under the law and its due application.

It is time for the foreign gatekeepers in Haiti to stop their repression, and one-sided application of the UN Mission mandate, Haitian and international laws. HLLN request DDR be equally applied to the poor living in the populous areas and, not solely given only to those who stood against the Constitutional Government

If the infamous Louis Jodel Chamblain, Frank Romain and Guy Phillipe could be roaming free in Haiti, who is to deny asylum to the poor combatants or even the criminal suspects in Site Soley? Why shouldn't DDR be applied to these folks if people like Rudolph Boulos, who once was summoned for questioning in February 2002 concerning the assassination of Haitian journalist, Jean Dominique, has yet to face any imprisonment or civil sanctions. There is no doubt that Jean Dominique publicly lambasted Rudolph Boulos for having sold poisoned children´s cough syrup, through his company Pharval Pharmaceuticals. Over sixty poor Haitian children died from diethyl alcohol contamination of Afrebril and Valodon syrups, the deadly concoction brewed in Boulo's private laboratories. but Boulos roams Haiti, like Guy Phillip, Toto Constant, Louis Jodel Chamblaim, free.

Why is there a double standard, as applied to Haiti, especially by the internationals and the righteous Neocons, as to what makes a "criminal." Does having no money necessarily means one is less deserving of asylum, justice and reintegration into society?

What's to be done with Haiti Democracy Project's founder, Stanley Lucas of the International Republican Institute that is not to be considered for those who fought off the bi-centennial coup d'etat in Haiti?

Are Haitians to forget Lucas' treasonous actions for bringing about the bi-centennial coup d'etat but not to forgive those who fought off the IRI/Lucas/Apaid/Carney destabilization? Why should we forget the Raboteau massacres, the July 6, 2006 Site Soley Massacres, the Fort National Massacres, or that Lucas was implicated in the Jean Rabel 1987 massacre of peasants?

Are we to continue asking the UN to go in and slaughter the "gangs" in Site Soley, but forget to ask that the coup d'etat folks be brought to justice; that people like Haiti Democracy Project's Olivier Nadal, the former president of the Haitian Chamber of Commerce, who is implicated in a peasant massacre in the Haitian township of Piatre in 1990 be just ALLOWED to continue roaming the country, like Lucas, Guy Phillipe, Louis Jodel Chamblaim, Toto Constant, FRAPH, Stanley Handal, the Boulos brothers, Apaid, et al, as free men, representatives of all that is good and beautiful and Eurocentric and innately non-criminal in Haiti! Don't think so, folks.

This is a new day.

Justice must be equally applied or we have just wasted the lives of over 10,000 Haitians in another coup d'etat and should just expect the same old song to be playing if a new paradigm is not establish and NOW.

HLLN would hope, that if the people of Haiti vote Rene Preval into office, that said Haitian vote would, for once, be respected by the international community and that the new authorities, along with the international gatekeepers would immediately begin applying the rule of law - which would mean equal application of DDR to all combatants, release of the political prisoners, resignation of Latortue, return of the exiles, stop to the repressions, the beginning of an authentic Haitian national dialogue and investigation into the coup d'etat, a dialogue about the role of foreigners on Haitian soil and the responsibility of the Haitian minority to the Haitian body politic and nation.

Below is an English translation of a Feb. 6, 2006 AHP article where I found statement quoted above which begin this piece. The quote, which I reiterate to end this essay, reminds us all, once again, of why these elections will always be contested, there are political prisoners in Haiti, terror in going out to vote and foreign powers counting Haitian ballots. And, here's the bottom line, as articulated by a imperialists/group184/Latortue sympathizer, who stands in alliance with what the population is actually fighting against. He articulates the Boulos/Apaid/Carney hopes for Feb. 7, 2006 elections:" We are counting heavily on the Americans not to let someone loyal to Aristide be elected just two years after his ouster""

Given all this, we anticipate fraud and a logistical nightmare on Feb. 7, 2006, not to mention the terrorizing of the voters. Yet, we know Haitian will overcome, one way or the other, transforming terror into hope. HLLN commits to continue speaking truth to power no matter the shenanigans of these selections. It's time, way past time, for a Haitian national dialogue to begin as outline herein.

Marguerite Laurent
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Feb. 7, 2006

The AHP article:

AHP News - February 6, 2006 - English translation (Unofficial)  

Port-au-Prince is under high security on the eve of the elections, but there are serious concerns about the possibility of massive voter fraud designed to necessitate a second round of the elections

Port-au-Prince, February 6, 2006 (AHP)- Calm prevailed in Port-au-Prince on the eve of Tuesday's elections for a new president and 129 members of Parliament.

Soldiers from MINUSTAH and police officers from the United Nations Police (UNPOL) and the Haitian National Police (PNH) are present everywhere in the capital, (Port-au-Prince), to prevent any possible acts of violence that could disrupt the first elections to be held since the sudden departure of President Aristide on February 29, 2004.

At the same time, rumors have been circulating throughout the day about possible attempts at vote fraud.

The supporters of the Platform of Hope and many diplomats accredited to Haiti declare they are practically certain of victory this February 7th for candidate René Garcia Préval, while sectors close to the former opposition to Aristide are counting on the possibility that one of their candidates may make it to the second round.

Incidents of destruction of photos of Préval were observed this Monday in the vicinity of Frères and Petion-Ville.

Reports have also circulated regarding the discovery of ballot boxes stuffed with ballots at a home in Delmas 65, while an individual close to the CEP tried to reassure the public's concerns about the possible existence of fictitious polling stations.

One individual was arrested last week at the Haitian-Dominican border with ballot boxes in his possession that were full of ballots already marked for a candidate of the former opposition to Aristide.

People gathered at mid-day along the Champs-de-Mars not far from the National Palace chanting "the vote in favor of the favorite will be so massive there will be no room for shenanigans".

A short time later, young professionals who were having drinks at a bar in Pétion-Ville were voicing their opinions.

" We are counting heavily on the Americans not to let someone loyal to Aristide be elected just two years after his ouster" said one of the bar patrons.

Another replied "any attempt at fraud with which one sector or another of the international community might choose to associate itself would only plunge the country deeper into chaos".

Numerous sectors of the population say they are counting on the presence of tens of thousands of international observers and poll watchers from the political parties to deflect any attempt at dirty tricks, some of which could be very subtle, in their opinion.

At least five members of the body tasked with organizing the 2006 elections are members of parties of the former opposition to Aristide that are in the race for this election.

CEP Secretary General Rosemond Pradel is a high-ranking official of KONAKOM, one of the three parties of the Fusion coalition whose presidential candidate is Serge Gilles, while Father Freud Jean is a member of the directorate of the OPL party (Organization of the People in Struggle) which is running Paul Denis as its candidate for president. Pastor Pauris Jean-Baptiste, CEP Treasurer François Benoit, and CEP member Joséphat Gauthier all belong to the Group of 184, the organization of André Apaid Junior to which the independent candidate Charles Henri Baker belongs.

In other election news, the Provisional Electoral Council held a ceremony monday to inaugurate a center for releasing the results of the 2006 elections.

CEP Executive Director Jacques Bernard described the opening of this center as a clear, positive step toward modernization with regard to the holding of transparent elections in Haiti.

Mr. Bernard reiterated the determination of the CEP to facilitate the smooth running of the elections.

"Everything is all set from the CEP's point of view for the holding of the presidential and legislative elections on February 7th", declared Mr. Bernard, who asked the public to turn out massively at the polls to choose capable leaders to help Haiti find its way out of the impasse.

He appealed for solidarity and civic fraternity from all who are fortunate enough to know how to read, urging them to come to the assistance of people who are unable to identify the polling offices and polling stations.

Emphasizing that the future of Haiti is in the hands of the population, Mr. Bernard said he believes that the collaboration of all is very important to the smooth running of the elections.

The center where the elections results will be released is the only official voice of the CEP, mandated to communicate the results of the elections. It will welcome the new members of the government, representatives of the diplomatic corps, observers, and more than 500 journalists, said Mr. Bernard.

Mr. Bernard went on to recall that the counting of ballots will be down in the open, in the presence of representatives of political parties, journalists and observers. AHP February 6, 2006 11:3O PM

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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