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February 12, 2006

by Dr. Frantz Large, Haitian Senate Candidate, Lespwa Party

The Haitian people voted massively, at the dawn´s early light, on Tuesday, February 7, 2006, to exercise its democratic duty in the ten departments across the country. The electoral results, after 5 days, have been held hostage for « readjustment ».

The first objective of the provisional authority is to force René Préval to a 2nd round, and run a coalition of candidates against him. A coalition of opponents who are absolutely contemptuous of the Haitian people or who at the very least, don´t deny being so.

To reach this objective they need to enact a massive falsification of the first results from the polls results that have been posted in each polling station. The latest news is that according to CEP Director General Jacques Bernard, Mr. Préval has only obtained 49.6% of the votes, with 72% of votes counted, and he claims that this is because of the spoiled ballots. The Haitian people continues to be treated in the same paternalistic and colonialist manner which consists of believing  them to be complete idiots, and expressing disbelief when this noble people demonstrates its notable intelligence.

The second objective is to push the popular masses who have a legitimate beef, into the streets, inciting them to vent blind rage onto the « bord de mer » (dockside) in Port-au-Prince which houses stores and offices of all kinds, small businesses, fine victims making up the country´s working middle class. This would certainly lead to creating hate and resentment against President Préval, and a desire to find refuge in stifling policies that border on fascism.

"Counted well, Summarized badly" as the protesters are repeating in the thousands since February 11 in front of the National Palace.

Some have been quick to comment that the people have nothing to hope for or gain from one of the presidential candidates (Leslie Manigat) who in the guise of an intellectual, has the only distinction in the country´s recent history of having participated in the electoral mascarade of 1988 that was organized by Mr. Namphy´s military junta.

And for all who would prefer calling for an occupation by foreign powers, thinking that the interests of these foreign powers will coincide with their own fascistic ideas, not so fast! Of course, they will need more courage than they are normally capable of to dare show themselves as the complete champions of the new INTERNATIONAL APARTHEID.

This is the spectre that now haunts Haïti!

It is our duty to inform INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC OPINION that it is imperative that the electoral fraud currently playing out in Haïti against its people must be stopped, and we must align ourselves with democracy and world development. Silence is assent, encouraging ignominy.

Let it be known that Haïti will no longer be a backwater or post-colonial laboratory.

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